It can be difficult to know what’s best for your skin sometimes. There are so many different skincare and health products out there that all promise different benefits, and sometimes the truth behind the products are tricky to decode.

The health and beauty benefits of topical products – in short, products that you apply directly to your skin – can sometimes only reach the top layer of the skin. Sometimes taking a supplement or a beauty-boosting drink can be far more beneficial for your skin, than a cream or lotion that you apply.

Here’s why topical products don’t really go skin deep:

Slower to see effects (and may be reduced)

It takes longer for a product applied to your skin to penetrate into your bloodstream (and therefore your body), which can mean that you don’t see the benefits as quickly, or that you may experience a lower dose than what you would by taking a direct supplement.

Less absorption in thicker skin areas

Your skin varies in thickness across your body, as you age and depending on skin conditions or disorders. Topical products can find it trickier to absorb in areas where your skin is thicker, so you may not be getting the benefits from your product evenly. Absorption also depends on your skin barrier function too.

Molecule size

Sometimes the molecule size of certain types of skincare or proteins are too big to be absorbed topically in the skin. Collagen, for example, has quite large molecules which can’t always be absorbed into the skin topically, as it just doesn’t fit. It makes sense to take collagen as a drink, and it’s why we always use hydrolysed collagen in our products – the molecules are smaller and are absorbed by the body more easily. You can make sure that your collagen boost gets where you need it to!

Additional ingredients that aren’t effective

Topical products usually need a base for the active parts to sit in so that they can be applied and spread across your skin. Whilst this base may offer you a short-term benefit (i.e. it could be moisturising, glossy, smell fresh) this doesn’t always translate to actual health benefits. 

Time consuming or messy to apply

Let’s face it – applying topical products (like creams, lotions and oils) is effort. It’s the time and amount of product you use, the time to apply it and the time to dry off if you’re applying it to your entire body. Because it takes effort, you’re less likely to do it as often as you should, which can reduce effectiveness. If you have a busy schedule or you’re running late then it goes straight out of the window. It’s way easier to drink your nutrients rather than apply them!

Product formulation

Sometimes, topical products aren’t clear on what percentage of active or effective products they contain. This can have a significant effect on how well they actually work, and whether the benefits truly are skin-deep or not!

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