Why Are Liquid Supplements More Effective?

The market around vitamin tablets is humongous, with virtually any number of formulations and flavourings available. Although less publicised, liquid vitamin supplements are arguably far more effective and convenient to take.

Perhaps the number one reason why liquid vitamins are so great, in comparison to tablets, is that they absorb into the body far more effectively.

In a tablet, less than 8% of the formulation will be absorbed, whereas more than 95% of the vital ingredients will be absorbed from a liquid. The truth is that liquid has a far higher chance of adherence in the body and so requires far fewer excipients – unnecessary ingredients that “bulk up” the tablet. This also means that liquid has a much higher concentration of the required vitamin (or other ingredient); to such an extent that 1 liquid supplement is the equivalent of approximately 15 tablets!

Our vitypods have the added advantage of tasting much better than chewable or tablet vitamins, as well as most liquid equivalents of other brands. Their team of health experts spent many months developing the refreshing, citrusy flavour they’re known for, which includes no bad after-taste and is completely sugar-free. 

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