LOTUS by VITYBOX is an effective formulation that combines collage, keratin and hyaluronic acid in an easy, convenient liquid form that you can drink. It gives benefits to your skin, hair, nails and your overall health, wellbeing and energy levels.

As with any health product, you want to know that it’s safe, effective and easy to use. It’s always so important to check that products are actually going to benefit you, and have evidence behind them. There are far too many products in health and beauty that make bold claims that they can’t back up.

Here’s why you can rest assured that LOTUS by Vitybox is safe, effective and easy to use for your skin, hair and nails:

Created by award-winning healthcare professionals

The team behind LOTUS are healthcare professionals and formulation scientists with clinical, scientific backgrounds. They’ve worked together to use their expertise to develop a safe, effective product based on the latest clinical and scientific data. 

Every ingredient and formulation has been thoroughly researched and chosen based on scientific knowledge, experience and conclusive data so you can be assured of quality, results and safety.

The experienced healthcare team behind Vitybox even provide a wellbeing concierge service, where they can give you 1 to 1 support on your health, fitness and wellness goals.

Made in the UK

All of our product manufacturing takes place in the UK which means that there are high standards to meet when it comes to quality and safety assurance. All of our products – and we mean every single batch – is rigorously, and continuously tested by independent laboratories in the UK.

Allergy aware

From the start, we wanted our smart collagen formulation to be people-friendly (as well as effective and easy to use). We believe that everyone should be able to achieve great skin, hair and nails. That’s why all of our beauty shots are proudly free from:

●      Alcohol

●      Barley

●      Buckwheat

●      Crustaceans

●      Celery

●      Eggs

●      Gluten

●      GMO


●      Lactose

●      Lupine

●      Milk

●      Mustard

●      Nuts

●      Peanuts

●      Parabens

●      Rye


●      Sesame seeds

●      Spelt

●      Soy

●      So2

●      Sugar

●      Oats

●      Wheat



None of the ingredients that we skip have the benefits that your skin, hair and nails needs so there’s no reason for it to be in the product. If it isn’t effective and doesn’t make a difference, then it doesn’t need to be in there as a filler ingredient that can compromise quality and accessibility.

Backed by science

Our formulation is backed by scientific research and clinical papers published in scientific journals. There’s no marketing-speak here, just effective science-based products that really work. We believe in being honest, upfront and open about what our products are and what they do.

Patented, high-quality ingredients

We use patented collagen for skin (meaning that it’s been tested and trialled to make sure that it’s more than fit for purpose) that’s sourced sustainably from Thailand, then goes through an intense purification process in Germany that turns the pure collagen into peptides with the specific amino acids your skin, hair and nails needs to see results faster. 

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