How to Get Better Nails Without Going to a Nail Salon

For some people, getting their nails done (or doing their own) is a form of self-care, and we all need more of that at the moment. Keeping your natural nails healthy and looking groomed isn’t always easy. Here are some hacks to keep your talons in tip-top condition:

Trim Your Nails

It might sound counter-intuitive but trimming your nails can actually help them to grow in the long run. Trimming your nails can help keep them free of snags, tears and breakages which can help your nails keep growing longer. Remember, long nails will be more prone to all of this, so if you really can’t deal with your nails breaking, keep them short.

Care for your cuticles

Your cuticles seal the area at the base of your nails to stop germs and moisture from getting into your nails. Cutting or removing your cuticles breaks the seal, leaving it exposed to bacteria or infection. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle stick rather than removing them. You’ll also have less hangnails this way! Keeping your cuticles moisturised is essential to keeping hangnails at bay too.

File Your Nails

Like trimming, filing your nails can stop breakages, snags and tears by removing any rough edges. Unless you use a glass nail file, file in one direction only. This helps to seal the keratin edges in your nail so you won’t be left with any layers to snag.

Try Buffing

There’s nothing wrong with the natural shine of your nails, but some people want their nails to look shiny, even without polish. Use a nail buffer (not a file as these are too rough) to gently polish your nails and add shine. Go easy though, too much buffing can weaken your nails.

Buffing is polishing your nails until they shine. Naturally, they are a little dull, and they are usually fine that way. But to get a more professional look, you can use a nail buffer to polish your nails. However, moderation is the key. Too much buffing can weaken the natural strength of your nails.

Eat Healthy

As with most things, healthy nails start in the kitchen. A well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients is essential for optimum nail health. Your fingernails can often be a window into your general health, and pitted or weak nails could signal a problem with your diet. If you want to boost your nail health, we recommend Vitypods. They contain the ingredients that you need to banish brittle nails and promote the health of your nails and skin in as little as 14 days.

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