How to Get Better Hair While in Lockdown?

There’s a reason why hair is sometimes referred to as a person’s ‘crowning glory’. A good hair day can make us feel our best, and a bad one does just the opposite. If you’re someone who regularly heads for the salon, lockdown as probably felt like hard-going for you and your hair.

Instead of feeling down about not being able to get to the salon, try bringing the salon to you at home. Here are some ways to help keep your hair healthy at home:

Oil Massage

Take advantage of the extra time at home with a nourishing oil massage. Massages can stimulate your hair follicles and provide hydration, especially if you struggle with split ends and frizz. Hot oil massages are especially beneficial for dry and brittle hair. You can even leave the oil on your hair for longer than you usually would to really get the nourishing benefits in lockdown.

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat styling can be really damaging for your hair. Where you can (and lets face it, it’s easier in lockdown) try and let your hair air dry and experiment with heatless styling where you can. Remember the Tik Tok heatless curls trend from the first lockdown?

If you really do need to use heated styling tools for your Zoom meetings, supermarket shops and daily exercise outings then let your hair partially dry first. The wetter your hair is, the longer it takes to dry it, so by letting it dry a little first you’ll be helping your hair out.

Stop brushing or combing your hair when it’s wet

Wet hair can be fragile and is much more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. Brushing or combing wet hair is a big no. Wait for your hair to dry before working through those tangles with a gentle brush. This will stop snags and tension that can cause damage to your hair.

Nourish Your Hair with Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is an essential for healthy hair. Not only will it help your hair, a balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients will help your overall health and wellbeing. Take time out in lockdown to explore healthy habits, such as adding more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to health in lockdown, try VITYBOX. It’s our all-in-one beauty drink that gives you the ingredients you need to strengthen, grown and heal your hair. It even includes patented keratin (the protein your hair is made from) in each daily dose.

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