How to de-stress during the lockdown?

COVID-19 doesn’t just pose physical health risks. Its impact on the population, coupled with the effects of lockdown are taking a massive toll on mental health

Life has changed in a way no one would have imagined. Only a few months ago, everyone was living a normal life, and now many of us are adjusting to our new work from home routine and zero in-person socialising. For many people, this new reality is unfamiliar and while they are trying to adapt to it, there are still several challenges. The good news is that there some great coping strategies that can help you de-stress during the lockdown:

Reframe the way you think

Rather than saying ‘I am stuck at home,’ reframe it to ‘I can finally focus on my home and myself.’ As stressed as the world may seem now, you can take it as an opportunity to refocus your attention on yourself and your family.

Start doing one productive thing per day; it will lead to a more positive attitude. Reorganise, create something new, and give attention to those tasks you should have been avoiding. This is a golden chance to slow down and focus on your wellbeing.

Stay close to your normal routine

Lockdown can tempt you to fall into a more lethargic lifestyle, which could lead to negative thinking and bad habits. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time. Eat meals, shower, exercise, and get out of your PJs. Sticking to your normal routine will keep you active and it will be easier for you to get back into your working routine  when lockdown lifts.

Don’t obsess over coronavirus coverage

When you are free from work, you get a lot of time to think (and not always in a positive way).If you’re a serial Googler, then this can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to the pandemic. Try not to over-research.Choose a few credible websites for updates and spend a limited amount of time each day browsing them.

A chaotic home leads to a chaotic mind

With all the chaos happening outside, you can lower your stress, improve positivity and increase your wellbeing through keeping the inside organised and clean. Stay positive, try and stick to your routines and avoid getting into poor habits.

Keeping eating your meals at the table, work at your desk and keep your space organised. Ignoring these boundaries can disturb your routine and make you feel stressed.

Start a new quarantine ritual

At the start of the first lockdown, we all made promises that we would learn a language, start a new workout routine or start a new hobby. Third time around, most of us are just trying to get through lockdown.

Try and capture that feeling of opportunity and new beginnings by starting something special during lockdown. You could start journaling your feelings to reflect on later, or take the time to connect with family. You could try painting, cooking or running. Something new and interesting will help you to look forward to each new day.

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