Are Manicures Good For The Health Of Your Nails?

The question is, are manicures good for the health of your nails? Let’s look at some of the damages done by manicures. 

 There Is Always A Risk Of A Fungal Infection

There is no doubt that most manicurists are professionals and they thoroughly disinfect their tools between clients. At the same time, remember that fungi are stubborn, and it doesn’t go that easily. It can still be hiding out on your manicurists’ hands, on stations, or even inside polish brushes. 

Inexperienced Technicians Can Permanently Damage Your Nail Beds

The worst part of a super comfy manicure is when the manicurist trims your cuticles without your permission. If they trim too much, they can damage the living skin of the nails hence causing an uneven nail bed. Manicure should be gentle, and it is best to completely ignore trimming cuticles. 

Regular Manicures Can Weaken Your Nails

Besides those UV lamps, another downside of gel manicures is the use of caustic acetone remover. Over time, it can damage your nails. The acetone present in the remover dries out the keratin of your nails, therefore, leaving them brittle.

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