Anti-Aging's Wonder Ingredients

By now, collagen’s efficacy as an anti-aging ingredient is a well-known fact. But what makes our vitypods so different?

Collagen is the foundation of your skin and its natural scaffolding. Over time, our bodies naturally begin to produce less of it, and of a lower quality. Most anti-aging products on the market contain collagen to some degree, but our smart beauty formulation is unique in that it uses patented marine collagen with hydrolysed peptides which, due to their lower molecular weight, are ideal for improving the condition of hair, skin and nails. 

In addition, our smart Collagen is bio-active, meaning it stimulates the fibroblasts deep within the skin’s layers which then produce even more Collagen – resulting in plumper, healthier-looking skin.

In a final twist, the high-quality ingredient is then combined with 8 more innovative ingredients which turbocharges the formulation, further maximising its anti-aging qualities.  

 All our ingredients work in perfect harmony together to give you stronger, younger-looking skin. Our innovative combination of Collagen, Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid formulation synergistically boosted with 6 vitamins and minerals has been carefully developed by health experts for an innovative new approach to skincare. 

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