5 Ways Collagen Naturally Improves Your Skin

Collagen is perhaps the number one ingredient for improving the appearance and general wellbeing of your skin. The effects it produces can be seen, but the way it works remains a mystery to most. 

1 - Rigidity

Collagen provides the foundational structure to your skin. Ingesting more will lend a firmer base for your other cells to build upon in their natural cycle of repair and growth. More rigid skin also reduces wrinkles and holds moisture a lot more effectively.  

2 - Environment

Increased amounts of collagen protects your skin against dangers in the environment, such as UV rays, or the effects of certain lifestyle choices like smoking or eating junk food. 

3 - Bio-active

Our vitypods only contain only bio-active collagen which is much better for your skin (and nails) since it contains a higher concentration of protein.  

4 - Anti-aging

One of the best-known benefits of collagen is its ability to promote elasticity, helping your skin to appear more vibrant and youthful. As you age, collagen production declines; that’s why it helps to take supplements in order to redress the balance.  

5 - Cellulite 

A number of studies suggest that collagen may help to improve the appearance of stubborn cellulite over time by repairing damaged layers of skin.

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